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Quote Unquote was born from the explosion of the indie videogaming scene and the ever increasing number of developers and how vocal many have become. Sometimes the quotes are a snapshot of a developer’s mindset from a certain time period, while most lean toward quoting some insight from their thoughts regarding videogame development.

Quotes are taken from interviews, blogs, portfolios, comments, forums and various websites scattered throughout the internet.

The name Quote Unquote was inspired by the Mr. Bungle song of the same name.

The Last and Final Word is a series of interviews with indie videogame developers, some of which have rarely or never been interviewed.

If you enjoy Quote Unquote and come here on a regular basis, all I ask is that you please think about linking here with a simple text link from your blog or website. Spreading the word would also be appreciated. Any encouragement I get helps me feel that this is all worth it.

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